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Found a Leak? Or Worried You Might Have One? Let’s Sort It Out—Fast & 100% Risk-Free.

Are you losing sleep over the sound of mysterious drips? Have you found unexplained damp spots, or do you just feel something’s off with your plumbing? You’re in the right place.

At Melbourne Leak Detectors, we specialise in making those hidden leaks disappear without a trace. And with our “No Leak, No Charge” policy, We either discover a leak or you pay nothing.

We’re here to help you keep your home dry and safe and protect your wallet from the costly consequences of an unsolved leak. 


Melbourne Leak Detectors

No Risk, All Reward

No leak? No charge. It’s that simple. We’re confident in our ability to find leaks, so much so that if you don’t find anything, you don’t pay anything.

Price Upfront

There are no unexpected costs with us. Our pricing is simple—$450 for smaller homes and $550 for larger ones. Say goodbye to hourly rates that can empty your wallet.

Advanced Detection Technology

Our advanced, non-toxic tracer gas technique precisely pinpoints leaks, keeping your property safe and intact.


Protect Your Home From Sneaky Leaks

Leaky pipes might seem like a small issue, but they quickly and quietly can wreak havoc on your home’s structure, blow out your water bills, and even endanger your family’s health by encouraging mould growth. But not to fear, we’ve got this:

Early Detection:

Spotting leaks early is what we do. We nip potential disasters in the bud, saving your home from damage and your wallet from hurting.

Eco-Friendly Efforts:

Detecting leaks not only saves your property, it also saves a LOT of water. We help you protect the planet and keep your utility bills low. It’s a win-win!



Got a Leak Emergency? We’re On It — 24/7!

No time to waste when water’s at stake. Our team is ready to roll, AM or PM. Reach out and we’ll be there in a flash to stop leaks from turning your home into a disaster zone.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Hear it straight from those we’ve helped. They’ll tell you how we’ve turned their potential nightmares into mere bumps in the road.

Rated 4.9 Stars By 330+ Clients.

“Excellent service not only found the leak but gave us heaps of cost efficient solutions 10/10 would recommend”

Yehya Elkhaled

“Melbourne Leak Detectors did a great job in locating the position of our water leak under our concrete driveway. They responded immediately on a Sunday, explained the process, kept us informed at all times and located the leak so a plumber knew exactly where to remove the concrete to locate and fix the leak. They were professional, responsive and on time – great customer service.”

Janine Kirk

“Good service, on time and reasonably priced. Yas was very professional and explained to me everything he was doing. Will definitely use this company again.”

Tina Mamasita

“Thanks to the guys at Melbourne Leak Detectors. They located my problem quickly and saved me from further damages down the track. Absolutely fantastic service. Would recommend.” 

Freddy Oz

“Im astonished at the response time these guys had, they came on time and as guaranteed they found the leak in just under an hour using the latest equipment.. thank you Yas your work was swift and neat…”


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